I look forward to working with you to help you reach and maintain your maximum functional status.
— Dr. Brennan

When you present to Dr. Brennan for chiropractic care, you will be asked to complete paperwork describing why you’re here.  Then he will review the information and your treatment goals.

After a comprehensive history, Dr. Brennan will perform examination procedures which are indicated by your symptoms and history. The goal of the history and examination is to reach an accurate diagnosis and a treatment plan.  Treatment usually begins at the initial visit. 

The treatment plan will consist of both passive and active components. Passive components: instrument assisted and manual manipulation. Active components: specific stretches, and specific exercises to address your pain and to help address any muscle tightness, or muscle weaknesses which are contributing to your pain/problem.

Dr. Brennan's most common short-term goal is to improve your condition at least 95%.

Imaging such as x-rays, CT, MRI are performed if they are necessary to help him reach an accurate diagnosis or determine the extent of your injuries.

One long-term plan option for you is regular treatment visits once every x-weeks or x-months to maintain the improvement achieved short-term treatment plan, and to keep you functioning at your full potential. Another option is treatment only during flare-ups.

Dr. Brennan is very thorough and always gives helpful educational information pertaining to diet, exercise, and much more pertaining to your individual need or condition.
— Patient
Dr. Brennan gave me insoles to see how they would help my foot issues. They worked great! The pressure in my mid back has lessened considerably as well as in my left hip. The adjustments were just what I needed along with the exercises Dr. Brennan suggested! I feel a lot better!
— Patient