Functional Medicine Pricing, Policies,  & Procedures 

New Patients

Your first consultation will be about an hour.  During ths time, Dr. Brennan will review your health history and determine the appropriate lab test(s) to address your specific health concerns. 

Consultation Fee Schedule

  1. New Patient Consultation ($200)

  2. Follow-up Consultations
  • 1 Hour ($160)
  • 45 Minutes ($120)
  • 30 minutes ($80)
  • 15 minutes ($50)

Functional medicine consultation and lab tests from our office are not covered by insurance.  Therefore, payment is due at the time of the consultation. Methods of payment include: Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.  Health Savings Accounts can be used upon approval from your employer.  Credit cards (including HSA cards) are subject to a usage fee of 1.5%.  All consultations are timed from the time the time the appointment begins.  You will only be billed for the actual time used.  

Follow-up Appointments

Follow-up consults may be scheduled in 15, 30, 45, or 60-minute blocks of time.  As a courtesy to you, our office will contact you to confirm your appointments one day in advance.  

Lab Tests

Lab tests are billed separately, and payment is due at the time the tests are taken home.  These costs vary ($350-$490).  All completed tests can be returned to office for pick-up by FedEx.  If you are an out of town patient, tests can be shipped to and from your home. 

The results of your lab test(s) will be sent to Dr. Brennan 2-4 weeks after mailing your specimens to the lab.  Dr. Brennan will evaluate the results.  After evaluation, you will be contacted to schedule a follow-up appoinment.