More than chiropractic care!

“Dr. Brennan and his wife/staff do more than just care for your physical health, they care for you as a person.  Their genuine compassion and contagious joy are as important as the adjustments.”

— D.S.

Tailored Care!

“I didn't fully understand functional medicine till I went to Dr. Brennan.  His comprehensive look at my tests, family history, and personal history allowed him to see my unique medical situation.  He is the first doctor who really understood how to help me. ”

— Patient

Whole Person Health!

“Being a mommy to toddlers made taking care of my back difficult.  I was living with a lot of pain until I started seeing Dr. Brennan.  Not only did his alignments help, he taught me how to take care of myself, and it changed my life!”

— C.S.